*Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges took a picture with a get-out-the-vote volunteer who happened to be African-American. The two pointed at each other for the pose…and local police quickly called her pointing gesture a “gang sign.”

Suddenly, there was a report on local news claiming she was flashing the a gang sign and, according to one law enforcement official, “showing solidarity with the gangs.”

mayor pointgate

It was soon discovered that the station had been tipped off about the photo by local police shortly after Hodges publicly called on the department to root out bad officers.

And suddenly, #pointergate was born.

Enter Jon Stewart.

“That’s a gang sign?” he asked on “The Daily Show” Wednesday night while skewering #pointergate. “All this time, I’ve been the lead-in to a notorious gang member.”

He then showed a photo of Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report” pointing at Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

Stewart concluded that pointing has to be added to the already long list of “innocent things black people do that look suspicious.”

Watch below: