piaget crenshaw cnn

*A witness in the Michael Brown shooting who testified in the grand jury says she is not surprised to hear that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted.

“Just because of all the leaks,” Piaget Crenshaw told CNN’s Chris Cuomo this morning. “If there hadn’t been leaks, then yes,” [she would’ve been surprised].

In televised interviews following Brown’s Aug. 9 killing, Crenshaw said repeatedly that she witnessed Brown turn around and face Officer Wilson with his hands up after the first round of shots.

Asked if she felt her account was believed by the men and women of the grand jury, Crenshaw responded: “The grand jury members, the 12 members, they were fair. They were asking questions to be just. They didn’t seem too biased … it was more the prosecuting attorneys.”

She added: “They kind of put words in your mouth almost to where you have to tell them, ‘No, this is not what I said and this is not what I meant, but this is what I said and this is what I meant.”

Watch Crenshaw’s interview in its entirety below: