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*The man who was with Michael Brown just before he was fatally shot by officer Darren Wilson says he thinks the United States witnessed a travesty of justice Monday night.

“It’s hurtful to think that someone can be murdered, and their killer will walk away free,” Dorian Johnson told ABC News.

Johnson was interviewed on his reaction to a grand jury’s decision not to indict Wilson in 18-year-old Brown’s death.

“I’m very disappointed, angry. But not to where I can’t contain it. I can control myself,” Johnson said. “I’m just so angry about the outcome of the situation. It’s just real hard to take right now.”

After all, he said, it could have been his body lying in the street, while his killer walked off free.

Regarding the unrest in Ferguson that broke out following the grand jury announcement Monday night, Johnson made clear that he does not condone violence or looting but understands the source of their anger and said that he feels it himself.

“It’s just sending a message that we see everything, and we do feel pain,” he said.

The jury of nine whites and three blacks met on 25 different days over a three-month period to hear more than 70 hours of testimony, the Associated Press reports.

Their decision exacerbated the already fractured relationship between the African American community and law enforcement in the St. Louis area.

Johnson expressed gratitude to the protesters and said he hoped everyone who spoke out will continue to fight for justice and work to restore peace to the community.

“The fight doesn’t stop here,” he said. “We’re going to continue.”

Watch Dorian Johnson’s interview with ABC News below:

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