Mike Tyson Thinks Don Lemon Is Full Of Shit*Give Mike Tyson a chance to talk and he’s a cool customer. Just don’t cut the interview short.

Don Lemon learned this firsthand when he chatted with Tyson Wednesday night to promote the former boxing champ’s new show on Adult Swim, “Mike Tyson Mysteries,” described as “‘Scooby-Doo’ meets ‘The A-Team.'”

Tyson was in full hype mode until Lemon tried to end the interview.

“What the hell did you put me on the show for?” Tyson asked the CNN anchor while conceding that they had chatted, but mostly off camera. Then he dropped the bomb: “Don Lemon’s full of sh*t.”

Obviously he was just joking, right? Well, fortunately for Lemon, things ended on a good note as they shook hands, laughed, and voiced their admiration for one another.

To see Tyson’s interview with Lemon, check out the video below:


(Mike Tyson Thinks Don Lemon Is Full Of Shit)