marcus t paulk

*Poor Marcus T. Paulk!

The “Moesha” star just can’t catch a break. If last year’s domestic violence assault case wasn’t bad enough, this year his fame was put to the test.

Well, the lack thereof (of) fame was apparent when he couldn’t even get into a nightclub. His acting credits nor his money helped him have a good night.

According to TMZ and Paulk’s play-by-play, he waited and waited outside of DBA in West Hollywood Monday night with his friends.

He was told he could go in, if he got bottle service. And yet he and his boys still didn’t make it in after a long wait. Poor guy’s fame just ain’t workin’ for him.

Speaking to the TMZ camera dude about the club’s security guy, Marcus says:

“You see this?  He said he’s not letting people through unless we buying bottles. But I’ve seen people coming in who weren’t buying bottles. So we’ll going to see how long I’m going to stand out here.”

Watch the clip below: