tia and tamera mowry*A botched Twitter endorsement deal has resulted in a lawsuit involving Tia and Tamera Mowry.

TheJasmineBrand.com reports that Brian Hanley, Tia Mowry’s former agent, claims Tamera Mowry screwed her sister out of tens of thousands of dollars in endorsement money from sponsored tweets.

Hanley’s claims stem from a lawsuit Tia filed earlier this year against him in California Court. In her suit, Tia notes that Hanley worked for Innovative Artists Agency. In 2009, she signed a deal with the agency and Hanley to be paid for sending out tweets for companies.

The suit goes on to mention that Hanley was to take 10% commission off all of Tia’s tweet deals. Around 2013, Tia started to suspect that Hanley wasn’t paying her all of the money. Tia’s team then performed an audit on the deals and found that Hanley had not accurately paid her.

Tia ultimately filed suit against Hanley, claiming she was owed $60K from the entertainment agent as well as $120,000 in punitive damages.

That obviously didn’t sit well with Hanley as he has filed a countersuit against Tia Mowry on October 21. Hanley, who denies Tia’s allegations of him taking commissions greater than the agreed upon 10%, claims it’s Tamera Mowry who’s to blame for the botched deal. According to him, Tamera gained access to his accounts. As a result of this, he claims Tamera managed to get the advertising agencies to transfer funds to accounts under her control. Hanley stated that he has no idea if the money Tamera transferred made it to Tia.

Hanley further stated in his suit that Tia’s dissatisfaction with her previous tweet endorsement caused her to come to him for tweet deals. In addition, Hanley maintains he never fraudulently withheld money from Tia and that he took certain portions to pay to the government for taxes.

Haley is demanding that Tia’s entire lawsuit be dismissed.

For a look at the court documents surrounding this case, click here.