*Nelly‘s girlfriend Shantel Jackson accused her ex, Floyd Mayweather, of physical abuse and pulling a gun on her. But Nelly isn’t dropping the beef, according to TMZ.

He said it’s because there is no beef with Mayweather, which was unexpected for Nelly to say since the two definitely have taken jabs at each other this year.

But Nelly said he is not holding any grudge against Mayweather. Although, Nelly’s girlfriend claimed she suffered abuse throughout their 2-year-relationship before meeting him.

allen iverson (retirement)

*In other entertainment news, Allen Iverson confirmed he is not interested in coaching, and he has no plans to ever do so.

The former NBA star has been out of the spotlight since announcing his retirement a year ago, but recently he did an interview with reporters in the Philippines.

But if he did coach, he jokingly said his team would never practice –making a funny reference to his “practice rant,” which he could never live down.

Watch Iverson’s hilarious response: