west-africa-ebola-distribution-map*It probably comes as no surprise that the spread of the Ebola virus has caused a great amount of fear in the general population. And who can blame us?

Deaths from the virus reached epic proportions before anything that looked like a cure ever surfaced; after a Caucasian health worker who had returned from Liberia and was diagnosed with the virus soon after, was the first to actually live beyond it.

Now, even with more people surviving in the United States, and some survivors discovered in Liberia, a new poll from MailOnline/YouGov shows 60 per cent of those surveyed support an outright travel ban on incoming travel for everyone – including Americans – who want to enter the U.S. from Ebola-affected countries.

Nearly seven in 10 Americans want the United States to shut its doors to foreigners traveling from countries where known cases of the Ebola virus have existed; and six in 10 say there should be a total ban.

Seniors also preferred a closed-door policy by large numbers.

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