*NBC News announced this morning it has partnered exclusively with Facebook for the launch of a cross-platform initiative “Spread the Story #Fight Ebola,” however, no mention was made of NBC News’ chief medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman, who has been off the air ever since she was caught violating her voluntary 21-day quarantine in New Jersey.

Neighbors spotted her in her black Mercedes, double-parked outside a local restaurant, while a passenger went inside to get food. Authorities put her under a mandatory quarantine and she was monitored twice a day by a public health nurse, while police kept close watch on her house for the duration of her quarantine.

Snyderman made things worse, and got further flamed on NBC News’ website and her Facebook page, when she made a statement about her violation of the quarantine that was read on air by “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams. In it, she never acknowledged participating in the violation. Instead she said “members of our group” violated the “guidelines.” Snyderman further explained, “As a health professional, I know that we have no symptoms and pose no risk to the public.”

Dr. Nancy Snyderman

Dr. Nancy Snyderman

As part of the new NBC/Facebook initiative, NBC News will post a total of 24 stories of children and families impacted by Ebola over the next 24 hours, “to capture the untold personal tragedy brought by each death.” Every hour a new story will be available on and on-air coverage will continue through “NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams.”’s Lisa de Moraes wrote:  “NBC News asked [Dr. Snyderman] to spend time with her family, keeping her out of circulation until her violation of her original voluntary quarantine, and mishandled on-air ‘apology,’ can fade in viewers’ memory.”

Below, NBC News chief Deborah Turness’ email sent to staff today about the division’s “Spread the Story #Fight Ebola” initiative:

Dear All,

Today, NBC News and Facebook launch a very important initiative, “Spread the Story #FightEbola.”

Over the next 24 hours across all NBC News platforms, we will publish and air 24 stories of children and families impacted by Ebola in West Africa, as well as those of the heroes who are working to make a difference.

Here’s how you can help: please share these powerful stories from NBC News in your Facebook feed and across other social platforms using the hashtag #FightEbola. Raising awareness is a very key step. And in addition, Facebook will direct users to more information about major relief organizations leading the charge.

From the Ebola clinics in West Africa to the hospitals here at home, NBC News has aggressively pursued the story, always working to shed light on the human impact of this global tragedy. “Spread the Story #FightEbola” is an extension of that work. This project is a great example of the collaborative power of NBC News and how we are able to unite across all programs and platforms to produce quality journalism that makes an impact.

A big thank you to everyone for coming together to make this day possible.