obama pies

*President Obama and his wife got real candid during a segment on Robin Roberts’ Thanksgiving special for ABC last night, and the best part came during a humorous exchange over pies.

Earlier in the interview, the first couple recalled family gatherings at the home of Michelle’s Uncle Pete. They described him as a taxi driver who always had a toothpick sticking out the side of his mouth, even when he was eating.

“Everybody had an uncle like that,” Roberts said.

Pete came up again once the interview moved into the kitchen, where a variety of pies awaited.

“We don’t play,” Obama said, when it comes to the desert. “Actually, Michelle only eats kale for Thanksgiving.”

Robin was horrified that the  White House was too fancy to serve cranberry sauce from the can – still bearing the ridges. “We used to have that at Pete’s,” cracked Obama.

It got really funny when they started eating the pies and several things were revealed:

a) Obama eats the crust first
b) His bites of pie are too big
c) These things really irritate Michelle
d) Her irritation literally cracks him up

Watch below: