Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) gets on stage and sings in the "Know Thyself" episode of Fox's RED BAND SOCIETY

Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) gets on stage and sings in the “Know Thyself” episode of Fox’s RED BAND SOCIETY

*While the kids on Fox’s “Red Band Society” struggle with typical teenage angst on top of their various life-threatening conditions, the series itself is reportedly facing a “certain” death by cancellation, if you believe the prognosticators at’s TV By the Numbers blog.

The freshman drama has struggled to find an audience each week, but star Octavia Spencer says that playing Nurse Jackson, the headstrong head nurse of a hospital pediatric ward,  has lived up to her every expectation, “and then some.”

Last week’s episode, “Know Thyself,” focused for the first time on Nurse Jackson at home, while she was on suspension from the hospital.

“I love the fact that each week we have great fun, but compelling stories,” she tells us. “There’s a challenge that I have to work out each week and so absolutely, I believe it’s lived up to everything I thought it would be.”

Octavia, who won an Academy Award for her role in “The Help” and is already in the Oscar 2015 buzz bin for her part in the upcoming Kevin Costner flick “Black and White,” says television offers some logistical advantages over film:

“Red Band Society” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Watch a promo of the “Know Thyself” episode below, and click here to watch the entire episode.