Father and son, custody

*Parenting is hard as hell. Especially when it has to occur in spite of a relationship gone sour. Adults have a hard time being grown up. We sometimes have a hard time with the “at the end of the day” stuff. The stuff that actions are made of. And though I’m no psychologist, I do know that actions follow thoughts. And at the end of the day, where children are concerned, they respond better to life when they see their parents working together.

Often we hear stories of Black men who have brought children into the world and left. This absence can be for a variety of reasons and challenges that can quickly lend itself to judgment…so I’m not going to  address them here.

The open letter, ‘Please Let Me Be A Daddy to My Son,’ is written for the public to see; but I hope this father realizes that he has actually written the letter to the mother of his child. That is why I titled it the way I did. The letter introduces us to a man who does have a great job. A man who says he does want a relationship with his young son. A man who claims he has kept up with child support payments (faithfully) and simply wants to be a dad to his son.

The problem, according to the author: The child’s mother, who Marcus Beal says has insisted that this will not happen. And left to her own devices, he will never have access to “her son.”

I realize this is only one side of a two-sided story.

To read it, click over to: EURThisNthat.