Deion Sanders*Deion Sanders may be following in the footsteps of NFL stars caught up in the scandal of abuse, thanks to his ex-wife Pilar. reports that Pilar Sanders has posted a new recording online of her 10-year-old daughter Shelomi , who is heard telling her mom that Deion kicked and choked his son Shilo.
A link to the recording, which Pilar tweeted Wednesday, includes two of her children talking about Deion’s alleged physical abuse.

“Justice shall take its course,” wrote Pilar.

In a phone call to her mother, Shelomi is heard telling Pilar, “Daddy kicked Shilo and choked him and kept on swinging him places and hitting him.”

“He did what?” Pilar Sanders is heard asking.

“Daddy choked Shilo and just kept on throwing him places, kicked him and he kept on hitting him,” responded Shelomi.

News of Pilar’s recording marks the latest in a series of abuse and bad parenting accusations between she and Deion since they called it quits in 2011 after 12 years of marriage. Last year, the 47-year-old former athlete won sole custody of Shilo,14, Shelomi and 12-year-old Shedeur in a bitter custody battle. The kids are featured along with Deion on his OWN TV reality show, “Deion’s Family Playbook.”

In a recent tweet, Pilar revealed that Deion called Cedar Hill, Texas, police when she came to his home earlier this month to pick up the children for her weekend visitation.

Deion followed with a tweet of his on that day, saying “LET’S KEEP IT POSITIVE AND NOT ENTERTAIN ANY NEGATIVITY TODAY AT ALL.”

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In addition to the audio of Shelomi, RadarOnline noted that Pilar’s YouTube post also includes an audio clip that apparently features Shedeur, who is allegedly heard telling his mother that “before court happened, Daddy told me and Shilo that if we chose him we can go over to your house whenever we want.”

He didn’t tell his mother about the coaching from his father “because I was going to get a whooping,” he apparently said, but was disclosing it at the time the tape was made, because “I’m in a bad situation.”

“That’s threat and coercion, sweetheart,” Pilar told him.

Although Radar’s request for comment didn’t merit an immediate response from Deion and his representatives on Wednesday, Deion did post a series of shots of himself in a happy state shopping with Shelomi.