Myka Drake *Finally, more corporations are using plus‐sized models as their spokespersons and brand ambassadors, and not just for weight loss products!

Hairnamics Hair Vitamins just announced that it is launching a national campaign with plus model, Myka Drake (pictured), who is a true plus size, 14/16, representing the real size range of America’s growing plus community.

We thought we started to see the tides change over a decade ago, when Lane Bryant launched Cacique, their women’s lingerie line, with Queen Latifah. Yet it seems we’ve gone backwards again, as we just witnessed the backlash from the plus community, when Calvin Klein announced it was using a plus model for its new campaign. Yet the model Myla Dalbesio, is actually just a sized-10. And everyone knows size 10, is far from the “real life” perspective of what the plus community considers, “plus”.

So seeing Hairnamics Hair Vitamins, a new nutritional supplement for hair, taking the hair vitamin industry by storm with its unique formula, and the only hair vitamin with iron, embrace the plus community, it is both refreshing and promising. It seems that some brands like Hairnamics, actually “get it”.

Beauty is beauty, and a plus model can reflect that, and at the same time, truly represent the sizes that we really see in the plus-size community today.

Hairnamics marketing director, Kim Kearney says, “As a plus-sized woman myself, I am well aware that plus-sized women represent millions of dollars in buying power. We are progressive, independent, influential women in our communities, and around the world. And it is time that all brands, appreciate and respect that. At Hairnamics, we do! We see plus-sized women as simply another demographic of beautiful women, who care about their appearance, and having longer, thicker, healthier hair is part of that. And as in any “good” marketing campaign, the potential customer should see “themselves” in the ads, not some watered down version that insults their intelligence, by implying, you’re good enough to spend your money with us,  but you’re not good enough to “be seen” in our ads. That’s ridiculous to me, and any brand I market and promote, will have to respect that, otherwise I’d be betraying my own demographic, and that I won’t do. If our spending dollars matter, “we” matter too. I honestly had no trouble getting the Hairnamics team to embrace that, because they agree. They also believe, that beauty is universal, and so is the desire for long, healthy hair.

“Everyone’s” beauty should be validated, and treated as such, all shapes, sizes, and colors. Period.”

This is really great news for the plus-community! It appears change is coming, just only one brand at a time. But maybe we can accelerate the process, if we support and embrace the companies that truly honor the plus-size woman, like Hairnamics, and pull back our spending dollars from those who don’t. As the saying goes, “the power is in your hands”, well your checkbook that is.

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Tonya Carmouche
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