Regina Hall Confirmed to Star in Thriller The Surrogate

*Funny actress Regina Hall is seemingly going the more dramatic route with one of her upcoming films, a thriller called “The Surrogate.”

And Taye Diggs, according to Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411, could be along with her for the ride — playing the her character’s husband — as two of the three leads in the film.

The film is about a couple who hire a surrogate to carry their baby, but of course, she becomes the wannabe-mother from hell, just like classic thriller “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle.”

Speaking of three leads, the surrogate hasn’t been cast yet. Being that Diggs and Hall worked together before, maybe they will be bringing in an actress either of them have worked with in the past. Hmm…

Nevertheless, Diggs isn’t confirmed himself. And rumor has it, Michael Ealy is also in the running for the lead male role.

But whoever is cast with Hall, they should be cast quick since the film is beginning production later this fall or this upcoming winter.


(Regina Hall Confirmed to Star in Thriller The Surrogate)