robin thicke, julian fuego thicke,*Robin Thicke is finally getting over his estranged wife Paula Patton and he’s using the cuteness of their 4-year-old son, Julian Fuego Thicke, to hit on women. Uh oh!

Back on October 18, the father-son duo went on a hike and exercised while both in cute workout gear — gaining attention from the ladies.

“They were both dressed in workout gear, looking incredibly cute and that drew a lot of female attention,” an insider told “Dish Nation.”

The source added, “Robin obviously thought it was a waste if he didn’t act on it, so he was chatting with women left, right and center!”

The insider continued with, “He would pick his son up and introduce him, too. It wasn’t just women approaching him, he was laying on the charm, smiling at them and looking back for ‘a better view’ as well.”

The eyewitness told “Dish Nation” about Thicke’s type. He’s definitely into brunettes. And his son didn’t mind the attention from the ladies either.

“He seemed to still have a thing for brunettes. They were the ones catching his eye most. There was no doubt Robin was loving the attention,” the witness said.

The eyewitness added, “he most certainly wasn’t just there for some exercise and he was happy to have his son there to help him. In fairness, Julian didn’t seem to mind. He also looked like he was having fun. But he would occasionally get shy and snuggle into his dad.”

According to Daily Mail, both Thicke and Patton have moved on. Nevertheless, they teamed up to take their son to the park on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. They are seeking joint custody of their son.

Watch what “Dish Nation” said below: