*Disneys‘ latest animated action comedy, ‘Big Hero 6,’ is a diverse warmhearted crowd pleasing adventure, for all audiences.

The Marvel inspired film follows 6 young crime fighters and illustrates the budding bond between a boy and his plus-sized inflatable companion.

big hero 6big hero 6Ryan Potter lends his voice to lead character, Hiro Hamada, who has a mind of a genius and the heart of a 14 year old.

The robotics prodigy forms an unbreakable friendship with a robot named Baymax and a band of high tech heroes.

big hero 6Genesis Rodriguez
voices Honey Lemon, a twinkly eyed chemisrty whiz, who creates clever concoctions, to get the team out of harm.

EUR sat down with Rodriguez, who used to be on a robotics team in high school.

EUR: What did you bring to the voice of your character?

Genesis Rodriguez: She’s 100% Latina so we found an accent that made sense. She’s growing up in a multicultural city but she is bilingual. There is a lot of optimism and happiness in her voice so it’s like an extended 3.0 version of myself.

EUR: What was it like starring in your first animated film?

Genesis Rodriguez: It’s so silly and fun! Honey is really positive and happy. It’s also hard because you have to rely on your face for live action things. There are things you can say with a look. You have to be sincere and honest. It was hard but I had the best directors! They were really good at encouraging me.big hero 6Damon Wyanes Jr. is the voice of, Wasabi. He is super-smart, burly, and the voice of the audience.

The neurotic neatnik amplifies his prowess for precision with jaw dropping plasma blade weaponry.

big hero 6T.J. Miller voices Fred, a monster-loving, comic book aficionado.

The laid back fanboy turns into a ferocious fire-breather with claws, integrated communication and super bounce.

big hero 6Jamie Chung can be heard as, GoGo Tomago, a tough, athletic, loyal to the bone daredevil.

The adrenaline junkie uses maglev discs as wheels, shields and throwing weapons.

big hero 6

‘Big Hero 6’ opens in theaters November 7.

big hero 6big hero 6