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*Al Sharpton continues to draw criticism from those who don’t appreciate his insertion into  headline-making racial incidents.

An unidentified man interrupted his remarks at a Brown family news conference this afternoon, one day after the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson in Brown’s shooting death.

Bystanders quickly ushered the man from the church, and Sharpton referred to the heckler as “a so-called reporter blogger.”

“I have no problem with a guy not wanting to hear what I got to say, but then why would you come to where I’m the one speaking? It just really don’t make sense,” Sharpton said. “Who did you think was going to speak at my press conference? That’s just like all the folks that like me on Facebook just to cuss me out; really don’t make a lot of sense.”

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Last night, during Fox News’ coverage of the Ferguson unrest, anchor Megyn Kelly said Sharpton “stoked” racial tensions in Ferguson and put out “misinformation” to protestors.

Kelly played a clip of St. Louis Prosecutor Bob McCulloch speaking Monday night when he said there were African-American witnesses who testified that Brown was “coming toward” Darren Wilson when he was shot — which, she said, would show that the witnesses were not divided on racial lines.

“I guarantee you that soundbyte’s not gonna go everywhere tomorrow,” Kelly said. “They’re not gonna play that for the protestors who are saying that this is a racial thing and that … the fix was in.”

Fox legal analyst Arthur Aidala agreed and said many of the protestors probably do not know any of that and are just using the grand jury decision as an excuse to be violent. Kelly said some of them were given misinformation by Al Sharpton, who “went out there and stoked the fires by giving them misinformation after misinformation, never to be corrected.”

Aidala said the evidence presented to the grand jury “must have been so bad, so shabby, that they couldn’t even indict on the lowest count.”

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Below, Sharpton’s full press conference Tuesday in St. Louis: