*The Daily Mail is reporting that ABC News is secretly scrambling to get Sherri Shepherd and Joy Behar back on “The View” in an attempt to stop the ratings freefall. …And current co-host Rosie O’Donnell is being intentionally left out of the loop.

The story includes quotes from “insiders” who say, “Rosie hates everything that isn’t an idea of hers, but she’s not aware of this. Both Sherri and Joy had huge followings while on the show and their familiarity could be just the thing to spark interest in the show again and generate some positive buzz.”

According to the article, ABC conducted focus groups on the current season of “The View” and found that the audience thinks the tone is too serious now, so there’s a charge to get back to the pop culture and social issues that younger viewers can relate to.

“That’s why they’re talking to Sherri about returning. She brought a fun, energetic spirit to the show and loved talking about the Kardashians and reality TV. Despite Rosie’s reluctance to discuss that type of stuff, she doesn’t have much room to fight it now that the ratings have dropped so badly,” the source explained.

ABC News had Behar on “The View” recently to promote her new one-woman off-Broadway show – “Me, My Mouth and I” – to see how viewers would respond to her. The feedback was tremendous, according to the Daily Mail.

The network is trying to figure out when they can get Sherri to return, the site reported, but the day they initially wanted her she passed on the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America” instead.

ABC has approached both former co-hosts agents about the possibility of returning in a more permanent capacity, and apparently Shepherd is showing resistance about coming back to the place she called home for seven years. The actress just signed on to join the cast of TV Land’s “The Soul Man” for 10 episodes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The View” is pacing downward for the fourth straight season and is 30 percent south of where it was five years ago in that younger demo.

Nielsen ratings reveal that the show is only popular among a much older audience than the 25 to 55 demographic that advertisers covet.