*The Throne and Frank Ocean have been sued.

According to TMZ, Ocean, Jay Z and Kanye West are accused of stealing a song from a man who was peddling his CDs outside of their hotel:

Joel Mac says he was outside the Mercer Hotel in SoHo a few years back … at the same time the famous trio was recording Jay Z’s “Watch the Throne” album. Jay, Kanye and Frank had rented a bunch of rooms in the hotel and actually recorded part of the album there.

So Mac says in a new federal lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — a guy named Mike Dean bought one of his CDs in front of the hotel, and the next thing he knew his song — Made in America — was cut 11 on the album. Jay Z’s song is also called Made in America, and gotta say … they sound similar.

And the plot thickens … Mike Dean is one of the producers of the album.

Mac had filed a similar case in New York State court a few months ago, but now he’s gone federal.

Mac wants Jay, Kanye and Frank to pay him a cut of the profits.