*Suge Knight apparently struck a nerve Wednesday when appearing in front of a sympathetic judge in court.

The rap mogul, who was taken into custody for allegedly robbing a photographer in Beverly Hills, gained an unlikely supporter in judge Keith Schwartz, who said he clearly understands why a celeb would be driven to extremes when the paparazzi shoot their young children, according to TMZ.

Knight, who appeared with his lawyer, James Blatt,was in court to formally surrender after an arrest warrant was issued for him last week. With the D.A. filin charges against him, the judge stated that he could give Knight a break. However, he mentioned that he understood how upsetting it is when paparazzi aggressively go after young children.

To further emphasize his point, the judge referenced Justin Bieber being chased down an L.A. freeway, adding, “What kind of lunatics do that?”

Bail for Knight was set at $500,000, TMZ noted while adding that the former Death Row Records CEO was taken into custody and given priority booking.

To see Knight’s appearance in court, check out the video below: