tank - slider*Tank took to Instagram to express how much he loved his girlfriend Zena Foster and how beautiful he believes her to be — especially being pregnant with his child.

“And then God made woman to give life beautifully.. @zenafoster there are no words for what this represents.. I love you. Happy Sunday!” he captioned the photo, which  was taken by actor Lance Gross, BTW, and can be seen below.

zena foster,

But of course, there had to be a hater that came for Foster. And Tank quickly came to his pregnant girlfriend’s defense. He wasn’t having it!

The critic said, “when people post things in an open forum it allows the public to freely express themselves … She looks like a man in the face.”

And Tank blasted the critic with, “then I’ll express myself. What is this chiapet hair wig you have on? Totally ill advised! Your chin! Think we can get that shaved down? I know a few doctors that do great work.”

He added, “I’m sure that outfit works too so I won’t even ask the designer. After all these things get taken care of then maybe just maybe someone will get you pregnant and you too can do a pregnancy shoot AND everybody can talk crazy about you! God bless.”