Plot For Peace: The Hidden Story Of Mandela's Release From Prison

*So many times, we as human beings come across injustice and are moved to make a change.  Some might see vandals defacing someone else’s property, and yell out for them to stop.

Another might see a woman being accosted and call the police.  Most people pause before taking the decisive action in fear of the criminal’s response.

Very few who see the injustice forced upon an entire people have the gumption to stand up against the perpetrators of that injustice.  Especially when making moves to support the injustice is allot more profitable and being against it is, well illegal.

Jean-Yves Ollivier, a French businessman (born in Algeria), saw the injustice of Apartheid and was moved to end it risking his career and life in the effort.  That effort was captured and recorded in the documentary “Plot for Peace.”

jean-yves ollivier

Jean-Yves Ollivier

“Plot for Peace” is a mind-blowing production that features the story of one businessman who quietly manipulated key events to make way for the fall of Apartheid and the release of Nelson Mandela from his 26 year prison sentence.

“The only enormity I know is the enormity of my debit,” said Ollivier, 70, in response to the magnitude of the task that he accomplished by aiding in the abolishment of Apartheid in South Africa.  “I don’t think that there is any enormity in what I have done.  I have just done a little [deed] in much grander and more important events.”

Ollivier’s modesty belays the fact that he intervened when others looked the other way.

“If you are in your car and you see someone crashing and they crash in front of you.  What do you do?  You pull your car to the side and help,” added Ollivier, “because you don’t think about the fact that you are going to have dirty trousers or that those who are waiting for you at dinner will have a soufflé reduced to nothing.  You just do it because you have to do it.”

“Also because I lived a very similar experience in Nigeria,” continued Ollivier, about finding the courage to make the hard choices, “and fortunately in that case [it was] terrible, and I wanted to avoid a very bad hand that happened in the independence of Nigeria.”

Nelson Mandela & Jean-Yves Ollivier

Nelson Mandela & Jean-Yves Ollivier

Ollivier conducted business with South Africa and other major nations in the oil, coal and natural gas sales field.  As he did this, he used his contacts, relationships and influence to broker key decisions that turned the tides of history and earned him South Africa’s highest achievement, the grade of Grand Officer of the Order of Good Hope by South African president Nelson Mandela In 1995.

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WEST COAST – Opening Wed, Nov 5th – Nov 12th
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BAY AREA: Opening Fri, Nov 7 – Nov 13
San Francisco – Landmark Opera Plaza Cinema

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(Plot For Peace: The Hidden Story Of Mandela’s Release From Prison)