*Lifetime has to hope it can erase the memory of last weekend’s Aaliyah tumult with Saturday’s debut of “An En Vogue Christmas.”

Dawn Robinson’s comments to TMZ this week about wanting to sue the network for compensation has already put the film on viewers’ radar. As previously reported, the movie features original group members Cindy Herron, Terry Ellis and Dawn’s eventual replacement Rhona Bennett. (Original member Maxine Jones is also absent.)

Lifetime tapped writer Dayna Lynne North (“Single Ladies,” “Veronica Mars,” “Soul Food”) to hammer out a story that would showcase the group’s acting as well as singing.

Dayna Lynn North

Dayna Lynne North

“The Lifetime network reached out via the production company, Marvista Entertainment, essentially saying, ‘We are huge fans of En Vogue — and we want an En Vogue Christmas movie!’ Marvista then reached out to me — which was super exciting,” North told EURweb exclusively. “I then did some more research on the ladies, and pitched an idea for a Christmas movie that Marvista, the network and En Vogue all responded to — a win-win! Much like Christmas, the whole experience has been a crazy joy ride, from start to finish.”

In the movie, Cindy, Terry and Rhona are living separate lives when they are tracked down to reunite for a cause – a benefit concert to save the club that made them famous. The trio, however, must overcome their initial reservations and residual beef with former manager Marty (David Alan Grier), who was responsible for their initial breakup.

North’s script leaves room for the ladies to belt some of their classics as well as two new original songs. “I’m a genuine fan,” North enthused. “I have been in the audience screaming ‘Free Your Mind!’ at En Vogue concerts!”

As for any references in the film to past members of the group,  it’s not happening.

“Given that this is purely a fictional story, and not a biopic, we chose to deal with En Vogue and its members as they are currently,” North explained. “So there are no direct references to Dawn or Maxine in the story.”

“An En Vogue Christmas” premieres Saturday (Nov. 22) at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

Watch the trailer below: