Toya Wright Talks Lil Wayne's Fans Attacking Her*Toya Wright was with Lil Wayne when he was an up-and-coming rapper, but that didn’t stop his female fans from terrorizing her.

“One time, a girl spray painted my car pink,” Toya told VLAD TV. “I had fans spray paint my car. They would scratch it up. It was just weird.”

Wright dated Wayne in high school and at times it was rough. His female fans and admirers became violent against Wright — leaving her to defend herself.

“It was a lot. I had to deal with a lot of females. I was put out of school for fighting. It was a lot of drama that came with dating a young rapper that was very popular,” she said.

She admitted they were young and in love, but they weren’t ready for marriage at such a young age. She said yes after he proposed twice.

“We didn’t really know what marriage was all about back then,” she said. “He proposed to me and it just went from there. That was actually his second time proposing to me, and we just decided to get married.”

Nevertheless, she couldn’t live the same lifestyle as him as a Cash Money artist. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make their differences work.

“We couldn’t do it. We wanted two different things in life. I’m a person who’s very family-oriented,” she said. “I do a lot of things with my family, my daughter and his lifestyle just didn’t match what I was looking for.”

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(Toya Wright Talks Lil Wayne’s Fans Attacking Her)