mayor hodges pointing2

*(via Newsy) – Minneapolis news station KSTP ran an … interesting story Thursday about the city’s Mayor Betsy Hodges.

The story has sparked a lot of outrage — let’s go ahead and check out few seconds.

KSTP: “They say there’s no evidence he belongs to a gang but that he has connections to gang members. … And she’s giving the gangs something to flash around and say, ‘Look we’ve got the mayor on our side, even the mayor’s with us.’ That’s bad.” 

Wait — let’s back that up and take a closer look at the said gang sign.

Now, does it look like maybe the two were just pointing at each other? The Twitterverse seems to think so. #Pointergate is trending on the social media network, and there’s no shortage of opinions on the subject.

KSTP talked to local law enforcement who insisted the gestures were gang related but since the hype, the station released an apology — one that wasn’t very apologetic.

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Or WATCH this video report from Newsy: