catcall video

*A video that shows a woman walking down a street in New York city, enduring one cat-call after another, has gone viral. Many women can relate to the extremely unpleasant experience.  

I know I can. The situation it reveals caused me a lot of anguish growing up between the ages of 18 through 21 in New York City.

Then and now, many men apparently believe they are complimenting women when they call out to them on the street because they look good. They actually believe that when they say things like, “Yo ma, can I holla’ at you for a minute?” and “Baby, you sure look good!” women should be pleased, because to them, it is a good thing.

And listening to Steve Santagati, an author and self-proclaimed dating expert who alarmed many as a guest on TV host Fredricka Whitfield‘s CNN program, these men are right. Santagati participated in a heated debate on the issue with New York-based comedian Amanda Seales.

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