*…so they created a product to “git ‘er done!”

An article was written earlier this week that introduced Sweet Peach, a new probiotic supplement said to be a product that would make the private parts of women smell like fruit.

But whoa!

People have to be careful how they present this stuff because as a result, the response across the internet was understandable outrage: Who the hell were the guys behind this and what right did they have to decide how women’s bodies ought to smell?

But as it turns out, Sweet Peach wasn’t even created by Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome, the two “start up dudes” who introduced it to the world at the DEMO tech conference. Apparently, the men not only  misled people, but they characterized the product totally wrong.

The sole founder and CEO of Sweet Peach Probiotics is Audrey Hutchinson – a 20-year-old woman who describes herself as an “ultrafeminist.”

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