woman in car talking to cop

*People are just naturally honest.

The statement above was spoken by a police captain, who is one of two speakers on a video where the subject is “Why You Should Never Talk to the Police.”

He is not saying this as a compliment, but as a reason why he has successfully gotten so many people convicted of crimes. In the video, which is at the conclusion of this article, a passionate, informative and often comical presentation is given by a law school professor/former criminal defense attorney who provides a wealth of knowledge supported by concrete examples on how a person easily incriminates him or herself by talking too much.

He provides 8 reasons on why you should NOT talk to the police; even when you are pulled over on a traffic stop; in an “off the record” situation (its never off the record); or even when you know you are innocent. 


His reasoning for this? It will NEVER help you. 

“You can’t talk yourself out of getting arrested!”

Read more (and see the video) at EURThisNthat.