Woman with 36NNN Breasts Has Major Transformation

*Its probably safe to assume that most of us never even realized bras came in sizes like 36NNN; but apparently they do – even if they have to be custom made.

Just ask Dr. Franklin Rose, a plastic surgeon who was recently in charge of performing a breast reduction for a  woman who carried this measurement.

Kerisha Mark, a school social worker, suffered from a medical condition that made her breasts so incredibly large that she suffered pain, embarrassment, and physical hardships because of  it.

But on her 40th birthday, Mark decided she had to treat herself to something truly special; and she allowed Eyewitness News cameras into the operating room for her life-altering surgery, where more than 15 pounds of tissue was removed from her breasts.

Read more and see the results of her surgery at EURThisNthat.


(Woman with 36NNN Breasts Has Major Transformation)