yesi ortiz, *”Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Yesi Ortiz stopped by Hot 97 to talk about the brawls and bickering on the show and its upcoming reunion special.

“It’s going to be an intense reunion. There (are) so many fights that happened verbally and then one unexpected one from out of nowhere with Mally Mall,” she said.

A fight broke out between Mally Mall and Yung Berg after Mally talked Berg’s relationship with Masika Kalysha who Mally used to date.

Some speculated Berg’s domestic violence against Kalysha stemmed from a brawl he had with Mally earlier that night, but it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

Nevertheless, Berg has been removed from the show and Ortiz confirmed Kalysha is OK.

“I’ve talked to Masika. She was in shock. She was at a loss for words,” she said about the incident.

Ortiz only had gotten into an altercation with Ray J who came for her — claiming he fired his former assistant, Morgan Hardman, over her. Ray’s girlfriend Princess Love attacked Hardman later.

“Princess stands up and charges at [Morgan]. There was no flat out, nobody got knocked out,” Yesi said. “Morgan stood up; she fought back. Security came through and separated.”

Ortiz confirmed bottles were flowing — leading to her castmates getting into altercations and fights with one another throughout the season.

“You have to be a certain type of person to be able to deal with all that drama. You have to be built a certain way to be able to handle a certain type of drama from all over,” she said. “We all get out of our character.”

Watch what Ortiz said on Hot 97 below: