My Girl

My Girl

‘People thought I was singing about some woman when I recorded “My Girl,” but I was thinking about my daughter (Cheryl),’ David Ruffin told me as we were driving down Livernois Avenue in Detroit. Guitarist Marvin Marshall remembers him coming into his mother’s hair salon and unraveling a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket that read ‘I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day…’

That must have been after Smokey Robinson introduced the song to him while they were at New York’s Apollo Theater. The Temptations had performed it on stage, but now it’s time to record! And record they did! ‘My Girl’ is an evergreen … everybody knows it all around the world!

The song was released December 21, 1964 – just days after Sam Cooke died. It was like David Ruffin picked up the baton and said ‘Sam I’ll pick up where you left off.’ They had that similar timbre in their voices. David continued with hits like ‘It’s Growing,’ Since I Lost My Baby,’ and so many others.

The story is well known…let’s celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Motown release of ‘My Girl.’

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