*There’s something suddenly missing from the cover of AARP’s October/November issue.

Between the feet of cover girls Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge is a reference to an article about Bill Cosby inside. It reads “Bill Cosby Still Making Us Laugh.”

Some subscribers were mailed a version with the Bill Cosby reference (pictured above, left), while others got the line, “5 Money Mistakes to Fix Now” in its place (above, right)

A spokesperson from AARP told The Huffington Post that the magazine did not pull or edit the Cosby feature inside:

“AARP The Magazine is actually the only lifestyle publication that publishes three demographically versioned editions of its issue to members that address the evolving life stages of 50+ adults,” the spokesperson wrote. “With AARP’s diverse member base, there are some differences in the editorial content and cover lines for each segmented version of the magazine to better suit subscribers of different demographics and readership.”

“The allegations against Mr. Cosby came after the issue was printed and distributed to members,” AARP also added.

Below, AARP’s Cosby feature – still in tact: