akon waiting one psa*Poor Akon! The “Don’t Matter” singer lost the most Instagram followers with a total of 3 million due to the purge of spam accounts.

Other celebrities like Rihanna (1.2 million), Kim Kardashian (1.3 million) and Mase (1.6 million) lost huge as well. But the rapper-turned-pastor lost so many he deleted his account.

Instagram got rid of accounts that were purchased only to grow a celebrity’s amount of followers on the social media platform, according to Page Six.

But other celebs still lost a huge enough amount of followers — like Draya Michele who is 300,000 down after the social cleanse.

Oprah lost around the same amount as Michele with a total of 100,000. Yes, even the Queen of Talk was purged!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams, in particular, tried to conceal the decrease of followers by making her account private.

“It’s very inexpensive, so that’s why many social media teams [buy followers],” said Michael Heller, CEO of Talent Resources — saying many celeb accounts are handled by a social media team who would spend $30 for 2,500 worth of followers.

Nevertheless after Instagram warned of the ridding of fake accounts, celebrity following count plummeted significantly and embarrassingly.

“It’s bad for a celeb for many reasons,” Heller said. “It’s embarrassing,” plus “they also could lose lots of money.”

Unfortunately, Brandy wasted $100,000 after she negotiated that amount based a certain number of posts and followers. That had to be upsetting!

And boy was Andy Cohen definitely disappointed:

“I lost 20k followers in the #InstagramPurge . . . Twitter, next?”