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*Kenny Smith‘s open letter to Charles Barkley and Barkley’s whole attitude about the Ferguson grand jury decision, has inspired another open letter to Mr. “Round Mound of Rebound.”

It’s from EURweb contributor Chris Jones.  A native New Yorker residing in Los Angeles, Jones has written consistently about his observations of ethics and culture in the urban community. Also a political science enthusiast and staunch supporter of voter registration, his professional background includes senior level appointments for promotion and marketing responsibilities at Island, Motown and Warner Bros. record companies, respectively.


I think by now, Charles, you should know you have deservedly earned several tags aptly associated with your disdain for acts of looting and the like in Ferguson. You know how much you enjoy yelling “Ginobili (San Antonio Spurs’ Guard)” to highlight a praiseworthy move? Well how about TNT’s audience shouting, “Ignobili” to replicate you as the antithesis?

Your unscrupulous rant about disappointment with Black people expressing their anger and distrust in a system that has repeatedly failed them have disqualified you from playing a game that you apparently know so little about. Your ineptitude was so transparent, it prompted many of us watching to reach for the Pepto Bismol.

Last night, you interjected your lack of history about slavery with an air of indifference while almost simultaneously expressing your snide disinterest in its obvious link to the racial disparities of the day. Your repudiation of those people was hurtful, insensitive and considerably naïve. Very few of those Missouri inhabitants were responsible for that shameful pillaging; most were peaceful and law abiding. But you chose to deem them all as villains. You belabored the point of what is expected by all citizens … black and white, Hispanic and Asian, of their respective city’s “finest”: FPD, NYPD, CPD, LAPD and every other “PD” …. The pivotal issue was more about citizens getting what they didn’t expect — no service and no protection. I’m sorry, Charles, but that’s a double technical.

Understandably, you command a microphone and a spotlight for your critiques and analyses of NBA games. I might add that you do a more than commendable job … at that. Granted we all have opinions and I applaud our democracy that allows us to voice them. However, as a sports narrator, it would behoove you stay in bounds with what you know. This is one of those times that you should sit your “round mound” on the bench where you can learn from others who have more experience.

My mother used to tell me when I was quite young, “If you are in a situation and don’t know what to say, don’t say anything”. Although it is belated, I offer the same advice to you, now. The older we grow, the more we tend to learn, hopefully. Don’t let the bright lights and the big money blur and compromise the reality of this game of life.

For the past few days, especially, TNT co-host, “Kenny the Jet,” has been your power forward. You say that you love him like a brother. Accepting that as valid, you might want to pay closer attention to his moves. Right now, his shadow is making you look like a rookie waiting to prove how good your game is … or not.

Chris Jones,
Fan of NBA …
Bigger Fan of the Truth

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

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(Another Open Letter to Charles Barkley)