toni martin

Toni Martin, cries out as she talks to police at the scene where she says her son was fatally shot Tuesday at a gas station in Missouri. Photograph: David Carson/AP

*(Via the guardian) – St Louis police have released a surveillance video of the final seconds before a black teenager (Antonio Martin) was shot on Tuesday night, saying it shows the moment when the teen raised and pointed a handgun at the officer, who then killed him.

The city was disrupted by a protest that went into the early hours of Wednesday morning. Officers used pepper spray and several makeshift explosives were discharged from within the crowd.

Jon Belmar, chief of the St Louis county police, released the video at a press conference hours afterwards in the hope of defusing the tension. Describing the sequence of events at a gas station in Berkeley, a suburb of St Louis, he said that the officer had been in “imminent danger” and had used “what he felt was appropriate force at that time” by firing at the suspect across the hood of the car.

He said the officer fired probably three shots, one of which hit the suspect, one the front tire of his vehicle. As he shot, he stumbled backwards and fell. The suspect, Belmar said, appeared not to have discharged the gun he was allegedly pointing.

Though only one surveillance video has been released so far, the gas station is understood to have several cameras mounted at different locations. The police officer, who was acting alone, was also understood to have a body camera and a camera mounted on the dash of his police vehicle, though Belmar indicated neither was recording.

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