phaedra-parks-apollo nida 2*So much for getting back together.

Phaedra Parks is determined to follow through on plans to divorce her estranged and imprisoned husband Apollo Nida. And he’s just as determined to not walk away from the split empty-handed.

Nida revealed his intent to fight Parks on the divorce as he told In Touch that the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is being unfair in him not  getting something out of the split.

“I will not walk away empty-handed, considering all I’ve put into the marriage over the five years,” Nida said in his second In Touch interview while serving an eight-year sentence behind bars for fraud and other charges at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. “That is completely fair, I think. It wouldn’t be right for her to just take everything and leave me with nothing to come home to.”

Nida’s frustration with Parks is a far cry from hopes he had that he and his soon to be ex would get past their issues and reunite as a family with their two sons. At the time, Parks hadn’t officially filed for divorce, but all of that has changed. According to, Nida received word from someone with Parks’ camp that “the divorce is proceeding as planned.”

During the interview, the reality TV show husband also mentioned how wrong t is for Parks to keep their sons away from him while he’s locked up in jail for eight years.

“I can’t see why she would continue to hurt me by not allowing me to see my boys,” said Nida, who hasn’t seen 4-year-old Ayden and 19-month-old Dylan since he’s been in the prison.

“This isn’t right. If I don’t see my children for eight years, that would be some bulls—, and I would fight for that right! Who in their right mind would allow children to be away from their father for eight years, regardless of where the father is at in the world?”