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*Ashanti’s accused stalker was said to be “gleeful” about his chance to sit just a stone’s throw from the object of his obsession in court.

Devar Hurd, acting as his own lawyer, got to cross-examine the singer in Manhattan Supreme Court. During closing arguments on Wednesday. The prosecutor told the jury that he was giddy over getting to be so close to Ashanti.

“He was positively gleeful to sit no more than 10 feet from Ashanti, take his time talking to her, questioning her, keeping her on the stand, knowing this was the only way he was going to be able to talk to her,” Assistant District Attorney Rachel Ehrhardt said in closing arguments at Hurd’s trial.

Hurd countered in his own closing statement: “There was never any evidence I intended to harass, annoy, alarm; nothing to show I had intent to unlawfully imprison, rape, kidnap or kill her. I have not stalked this girl.”