mona scott young, benzino,*Benzino wants to know the real reason why he and his fiancee Althea Heart were fired from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

He’s confused. Initially, he was fired for making death threats, yet Mona Scott-Young praised how great of a cast member he was after the firing.

Benzino took to Instagram to express how he feels about the whole ordeal.

“[A] couple of weeks ago they said I was fired because I made ‘DEATH THREATS’ but in Mona’s 1st interview since I was fired, she is PRAISING me,” he wrote.

He added, “and saying how great I was as a cast member, and admitting me and Althea was really in love and saying all these great things about she wishes us well but still never gave me or the public a real reason why we was fired.”

Benzino and his fiancee got into a major fight with Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez at the VH1 show’s reunion — leaving many to believe the latter couple would be fired.

Instead, Scott-Young let Benzino and Heart go and she claimed they know why they were let go. “Benzino and Althea, I think, are very much aware of what transpired,” she told VLAD TV.

Benzino called the fight a set up by the producers shortly after the incident. He’s sticking by that claim.

“[Mona] is a master manipulator who starts fires then tries to manage the fire but when the fire gets out of control she runs away from it, then sneaks back when the fire dies out on it’s own,” he wrote.