*Bill Cosby – or the person running his Twitter feed – used the social media site to thank a few celebrities who have supported him in his ongoing sexual assault scandal.

“Thank you @WhoopiGoldberg.” Cosby tweeted, and followed up with, “Thank you @MissJillScott, from the Cosby Family.”

Whoopi said last month on “The View”: “Perhaps the police might have believed [the allegation], or the hospital. Don’t you do a kit when you say someone has raped you? … I hope somebody gets to the bottom of this, but I’m going to reserve my judgment because I have a lot of questions, as I said. It’s crazy, but I have a lot of questions, because I know we all have friends who have gone through this.”

Scott and Cosby are both Philadelphia natives, and both hold degrees from Temple. Scott received an honorary doctorate in May, which Cosby awarded to her.

As previously reported, on Nov. 24, a Twitter follower asked Scott to sign and share a petition calling on Temple University to sever its relationship with Cosby. Scott tweeted back: “Oh ok. So they’ve proven the alleged allegations? I didn’t know. Will they also be giving him back the millions he’s donated?”