Black&Sexy.TV's the-couple*If you’re a fan of BLACK&SEXY.TV’s “The Couple” prepare for more exposure for the popular web series.

According to, the creative team behind “The Couple” has entered an agreement with HBO, which could eventually bring the show to the cable TV network with Spike Lee serving as an executive producer.

A staple on BLACK&SEXY.TV’s YouTube channel, “The Couple” amusingly explores relationship dynamics. With the series headed to HBO, the status of a movie adaptation now comes into play. Pre-production on the film was set to begin as the HBO development deal arrived, Indiewire reports. The show’s creative team, as a result, will be in touch with the movie’s Kickstarter backers as the HBO deal will impact the project.

At this time, there is no ETA on the small screen adaptation as details are being kept under wraps for now with the project in the development stage. To see episodes from “The Couple,” click here.