day in the life of daddy

*In a “A Day in the Life of Daddy” (DITLOD) Kwame, a single Londoner, attempts to improve his relationship with his 7 year old daughter following the emergence of another man in her mother’s life. With the conversation about diversity in television thick in the air, DITLOD is an antidote to the common stereotypical image of ‘absent black fathers’ present in the media today. Leon Mayne, one quarter of BWNG TV says:

“We’re often shown images of young black men shirking their responsibilities when it comes to fatherhood. The rhetoric of ‘useless baby-daddy’ is something that we’ve grown used to, however for many, this isn’t a reality. There are scores of men who embrace fatherhood and are great parents to their children, even when the relationship with the mothers haven’t worked out. Although “A Day in the Life of Daddy” is a lighthearted, comedic look at what one single father experiences, it highlights the challenges that a man faces when trying to juggle being a good father with moving on in his love life AND co-parenting with an ex. Not easy!”

day daddy

‘A Day In The Life Of Daddy’ a dramatic mini-series which follows the life of Kwame – a single male Londoner

Following the success of “Brothers With No Game” (which received over 800,000 YouTube views and saw series one picked up by London Live), BWNG TV aims to create a platform for content that not only entertains but also reflects diverse experiences in a way that mainstream TV doesn’t always achieve. Not only is there just original content, BWNG TV has opened it’s YouTube channel for submissions from other talented content creators who are seeking prime time with an engaged audience.

Watch “A Day in the Life of Daddy” ~ (Full Episode #2)



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