lab, private parts

*You can trust that I am not creative enough to make this stuff up. But I kid you not in the revelation that researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have announced the substantial progress they are making towards growing human penises in a laboratory.

This is serious folks. But not entirely new.

Back in 2009, the team at Wake Forest succeeded in growing a “functional engineered solid organ” for a rabbit. And being human, of course they followed that up with the successful development of human erectile tissue. With that success, little else would stop them from what they felt was the only step left: grow such tissue into a full-scale penis and sew it onto a real dude with a dysfunctional er…you know.

Technically speaking, any way you angel it, its a LAB GROWN PENIS!

One woman whose husband was overly excited about the possibility had this response:

“Do you mean to tell me they have the technology to grow regenerative organs and the first thing they do is grow a d*ck?”

Uh, yeah, I concur with er, …what she said.

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