Clavell Jackson: 10 Worst Right-Wing Media Commentators

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*There is a reason why the conservative media is called the right-wing noise machine.

America has a large number of conservative media outlets that exist to promote a right-wing agenda. Many commentators function like FOX News and their job is to put out opinions that support a conservative agenda.

These commentators are not journalists, they are opinion leaders and they do not produce balanced news. However, many Americans believe them and repeat their opinions as fact.

There are many offenders out there, but here are a few of the worst.

There is a reason why the conservative media is called the right-wing noise machine. America has a large number of conservative media outlets that exist to promote a right-wing agenda. Many commentators function like FOX News and their job is to put out opinions that support a conservative agenda. These commentators are not journalists, they are opinion leaders and they do not produce balanced news. However, many Americans believe them and repeat their opinions as fact.

There are many offenders out there, but here are a few of the worst.

      1. Dr. Keith Ablow. Believe it or not, Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist, who actually has a practice. He is unpopular in psychiatric circles and has resigned from the American Psychological Association. He seems to spend most of his time making inflammatory comments on FOX News. Before finding his way to FOX, Ablow worked for Newsweek, The Washington Post and USA Today, as well as making several appearances on a host of television shows. Ablow seemed to be your average TV-friendly psychiatrist, but it was on FOX News that he really began to show his true colors. He started making political comments and also giving his opinion on the psychological state of people he had never diagnosed. He has made so many controversial comments it’s difficult to keep track. He criticised First Lady Michelle Obama’s weight and stated President Barack Obama may want the United States to suffer like other countries and would not protect the country from ebola. Ablow also stated we should lead an American Jihad to convert other countries to our political system.


      1. Laura Ingraham. Laura Ingraham seems to have figured out how to make a living as a right-wing commentator by following the mean girl school of thought, like Ann Coulter, who will be talked about later. Ingraham has a long history of spiteful behavior, which goes back to her college days at Dartmouth. As the first female editor-in-chief of the Dartmouth Review, a conservative newspaper, she outed gay students. She sent a reporter to gay organizations, taping their meetings and then sending the information to their parents. Apparently, she was very anti-gay, until her brother came out of the closet, forcing her to change her attitude. Now, she has lucrative gigs as a political commentator on ABC, her own radio show and is an author who pens books railing against the liberal elite and supporting family values. It is ironic, because she has never been married and has three adopted foreign-born children. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s odd, considering Ingraham is a single mother, who claims she supports traditional family values.


      1. Pat Robertson. Some people might question why Pat Robertson, who runs Christian Broadcasting Network, is on this list, but he has been known to make the odd political comment. Robertson actually ran for president in 1988 and came second in the Iowa caucus. Robertson has a host of religious theories, but let’s stick to his political commentary. Fond of making predictions, which often turn out to be wildly incorrect, Robertson predicted President George W. Bush would win the 2004 election by a landslide. Bush barely squeaked by. He also predicted Mitt Romney would beat President Barack Obama and be a two-term president. Whoops! Wrong again. Robertson blamed 9/11 on pagans, gays, the ACLU and feminists. He also said Hurricane Katrina was punishment for abortion. However, Robertson is so toxic now, serious Republican politicians stay away from him.


      1. Michael Savage. Michael Savage is another product of the Conservative Entertainment Complex. A former college professor, Savage, whose real name is Weiner, decided to reinvent himself as a right-wing shock jock when his education career stalled. Many people believe Savage’s image is an act. Savage specializes in launching vicious, verbal attacks against illegal immigrants (he has accused them of bringing diseases to the United States,) Muslims (he has made jokes about genocide) and gays. Savage was once fired from his short-lived MSNBC show for telling a gay caller “to get AIDS and die.” Inspite of his controversies, Savage has still maintained a successful career as a political commentator and author. Apparently, there is a market for hate in the U.S. However, Savage’s comments are not without consequences. In 2009, he was banned from entering Britain for “fostering hatred.”


      1. Eric Bolling. It’s hard to stand out among FOX News sea of outlandish commentators, but Eric Bolling has. Bolling, who comes from a Wall Street background, is co-host of FOX News’ roundtable show,“The Five.” He is known for making racist and sexist jokes. When President Obama invited Gabon President Bongo Odimba and rapper Common to the White House, Bolling accused him having “hoods in the hizzouse.” He also depicted Odimba with a gleaming gold tooth. Bolling had to apologize for that stunt. He also accused Obama of slacking off by “drinking 40s.” Bolling made a joke about a female pilot from the United Arab Emirates fighting against ISIS, saying it would be “boobs on the ground.” Another apology was issued. Recently, like a lot of right-wing commentators, he has taken to making jokes about torture. Yeah, waterboarding is hilarious.


      1. Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter is the premier conservative female political commentator. She was one of the first women who figured out how to make a comfortable living by throwing bombs on TV, writing incendiary columns and selling books to her rabid followers. It helps that she is very photogenic and wears short skirts. She has been doing it for more than 20 years and it’s good work, if you can get it. According to Celebrity Talent International, Coulter’s booking fee is anywhere from $30,000 -$175,000. Coulter thrives on controversy and has been fired from a number of publications. She has a history of making insulting and thinly-veiled racist comments. After one of her friends was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attack, Coulter wrote a column saying, we should invade Muslim countries and “force them to convert to Christianity.” She has also used words like “camel jockey” and “raghead” to refer to Middle Easterners. Although she has used the word “faggot” jokingly, she is a member of GOProud, a gay Republican group. This speaks to the central contradiction of Coulter’s life. She promotes family values and claims she is a Christian, but is single and has never married. She makes quasi-racist comments, but was rumored to date Jimmie Walker. Many political insiders suspect like Savage, this is all an act, and she is strictly in it for the money. She was satirized by the cartoon show “The Boondocks,” which portrayed her as a fraud, who was supporting an unemployed black lover.


      1. Sean Hannity. Like a lot of right-wing commentators, Sean Hannity is also an author as well as being a radio and TV show host. He was a little-known radio jock, until he was hired by FOX News to co-host a show with liberal Alan Colmes. Eventually, FOX ditched Colmes and gave the show to Hannity. Hannity may have mastered the art of doing good broadcasting and penning bestselling books, but that doesn’t mean he is a journalist. He has a bad habit of getting things wrong. The liberal website, Alternet tracked 10 of his worst lies. According to Alternet, Hannity is a climate denier, and also repeated the lie that President Obama was a Muslim. Hannity regularly has Muslim fundamentalists and black supremacists on his show, as this helps portray the left as dangerous. And when he does want people of color on, he regularly invites self-loathing African-American Jesse Lee Peterson to make the racist comments white people are afraid to say. (Peterson said the black victims of Hurricane Katrina were lazy and immoral.) Hannity failed to disclose that he made a large donation to Peterson’s nonprofit foundation. In addition, Hannity used to have close ties to neo Nazi Hal Turner, a convicted felon, who used to regularly call into his radio show. Turner said Hannity gave him the secret number to make sure his calls would always air.


      1. Bill O’Reilly. Bill O’Reilly is such a big media star that he even spawned an imitator,  Stephen Colbert, who based his clueless conservative character on him. Apparently, O’Reilly was not amused and loathes Colbert. O’Reilly started off as a regular journalist, appearing on several news magazines, before finding his way to FOX News. And that was when it all changed, out went the objectivity and in came opinion-based news slanted to the right. Part of “The O’Reilly Factor” involves O’Reilly staring into the camera and making commentary. The piece is labelled opinion, but most people probably can’t tell the difference between that and real news. O’Reilly’s interviewing style is abrasive. He asks leading questions, points, shouts over people, cuts people’s mics off and sometimes calls people “pinheads.” O’Reilly may have once done real news, but that was a long time ago. The worst thing about O’Reilly is he portrays himself as a permanently outraged culture warrior who decries a coarsening culture. It’s all an act for his geriatric viewers. O’Reilly settled a sexual harassment suit for $5 million. Before settling, he called his accuser, Andrea Mackris, and threatened to send FOX News’ goons after her. Mr. Family Values is also divorced and tried to get his marriage annulled. And he hounded porn star Jenna Jameson for free DVDs when she appeared on his show. In an interview in Playboy magazine, Deepak Chopra described O’Reilly as “playing a bigot” on TV.


      1. Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck comes close as the no. 1 worst right-wing commentator.  Beck’s antics proved so insane even FOX News couldn’t tolerate him. His act, and that’s what it is, is very entertaining. It consists of crying on air, prophesying doom and gloom, then selling survival gear to his followers, playing with dolls and dressing up as various characters, including Yoda. Initially a shock jock, Beck came to national prominence when he got a show on Headline News. He moved to FOX News and that’s when he really took off. Beck’s show received top ratings on FOX, even though many of his colleagues hated him for damaging the network’s reputation. Beck crossed the line when he accused the president of being a racist. This lead to complaints to advertisers who eventually boycotted his show. FOX News President Roger Ailes was forced to show him the door. But he didn’t go away. He created his own subscription-based network, The Blaze, which made $27 million in it’s first year. Beck is a great marketer who essentially sees his cult-like followers as walking dollars signs. He sells them subscriptions, a variety of books, survival seeds, tickets to his stand -up show, newsletters and even jeans. In an interview with Forbes, Beck once said about his empire, “I could give a flying crap about the political process. We’re an entertainment company.”


      1. Rush Limbaugh. Without doubt Rush Limbaugh is the granddaddy of the Conservative Entertainment Complex and the worst right-wing commentator. He gets the credit because he still has the no.1 political talk show in the country and literally made AM radio a home for nothing but right-wing talkers. Some Republican politicians fear getting on his bad side. Limbaugh, who managed one semester in college, initially tried to be a regular DJ, but reinvented himself as a political shock jock. At the time, few people were doing it and he literally created the industry. His career has made him fabulously wealthy. He is a multimillionaire who signed a contract that runs through 2016 worth $400 million. Limbaugh’s show consists of conservative commentary and humor. Although he insists he is an entertainer, many of his viewers look at his show as news. In his show, he also makes insulting “jokes” about every other group apart from conservative white men. Liberals, gays, African Americans, women, environmentalists and immigrants are all fair game for his humor. He once told a black caller to take the bone out of his mouth. And he got into trouble with his advertisers when he called activist Sandra Fluke, a slut and prostitute. Limbaugh is also not too bright. When he criticized Fluke, he didn’t seem to understand how birth control worked, and he sided with the Ugandan terrorist group. the Lord’s Resistance Army, because Obama had launched a military operation against them. He didn’t realize the group practices rape and sex slavery. D’oh! Like most right-wing commentators, Limbaugh, who promotes conservative family values, is a total fraud. He was addicted to painkillers, and has been married four times, producing no children. Limbaugh also went on vacation to the Dominican Republic, a noted child sex hotspot, with a group of men. According to the Smoking Gun, he was busted returning with a bottle of Viagra, not under his name.


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