dionne warwick

*With more than 50 years in the music industry, Dionne Warwick knows a thing or two about creating a good album.

But the Grammy-winning songstress took a different route for her latest release, “Feels So Good,” as she gave control over to her son Damon. The result was a who sprinkling of cross-generational appeal from collaborations with Jamie Foxx, CeeLo Green, Ne-Yo, Gladys Knight, Cyndi Lauper, Ziggy Marley and Billy Ray Cyrus, among others.

While the idea of others selecting which of her hits to include on “Feels So Good” could be shaky ground, Warwick had no problem with Damon nor the interpretations of her duet partners.

“My son Damon, who produced the CD, came to me with the project and we talked about it. I thought it was a good idea and he thought it was a brilliant idea and he put the whole thing together,” the singer shared. “He decided on the duet partners that he thought would enhance my sound and I could enhance theirs. We decided that each of the duet partners would make the decision as to what song was a favorite of mine that they would like to do as a duet with me and that’s how the project came about.”

In addition to Damon, “Feels So Good” proved to be a family affair with Warwick shining the vocal spotlight on her other son David Elliot and granddaughter Cheyenne Elliott. Although each of them have worked with Warwick previously, collaborating on the new album with David, Damon and Cheyenne was priceless.

“It was wonderful. What are you going to say? I get an opportunity to work with both of my babies and my grandbaby too,” Warwick said. “I think it’s a dream that most people in the industry who have talented siblings and or relations would love to have happen. I was fortunate enough to be able to do this.”

David can be heard on the “Feels So Good” tune “Windows of the World,” while Cheyenne is found on “Let There Be Love.” Overall, Warwick attributes the family input on the album as a “natural occurrence” in regards to working alongside each other.

“David, of course, has sung on other projects with me and was on the road with me. Working with them is almost a natural occurrence,” she said. “Cheyenne has been on the road with me as well and has done duets with me. And so I’ve given her own spot to let her shine and let people know that she’s coming up. As much as I possibly can, I kind of let them have the spotlight and let people know that the talent continues to run through the family.”

Dionne Warwick’s “Feels So Good” is available now.