dionne-warwick*Dionne Warwick’s decades long career in music is longevity personified with hit songs, faithful fans and the ability to master the ups and downs of show business.

And while those following her music may know her tunes very well, what may not be as exposed to Warwick’s other job as the co-owner of WG Design Lab, an interior design firm she started with her partner Bruce Garrick.

With soulful designs, textiles, fabrics and a sophisticated mindstate, WG Design Lab offers various services combined with a personal, artistic touch. For Warwick, the company gives fans something new to love while allowing her to channel her creative energy into a different avenue.

wg design lab

Although the business has been around for some time, Warwick’s decision to open up about WG Design Lab is more personal than professional.

“I’ve been doing interior design for the past 30 years. It’s been a well-kept secret,” Warwick admitted to EURweb.” It’s been a case of my partner and I, Bruce Garrick, have continued doing homes and offices and buildings and things that we’ve been doing all along.

“I finally made a decision that people now should know there is another side of Dionne Warwick and we have the ability to do some wonderful things for their homes or other entities that they may want with redesigned,” the entertainer added.

Warwick’s venture with WG Design Lab is a demonstration of her love of interior design, which she likens to her music.

“Music has high and low notes as does design,” she explained.” It’s cool. It’s hot. It’s warm. The fabrics have texture. So does music. When I liken it to that, it came very, very easy to me.”

Musically speaking, Warwick has continued her musical legacy with “Feels So Good Duets,” a new album of collaborations featuring artists such as Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx, Ziggy Marley and Ruben Studdard singing Warwick’s classic hits alongside the entertainer herself.

As for her secret to remaining relevant in the music industry, Warwick’s admits she may not have the “complete answer” people may be looking for.

“You know, I wish I had the complete answer, but I have to attribute it to the music that I’ve been singing over the years and being true to who I am,” she said. “I’ve never had a desire to jump into areas that I don’t think my audience would appreciate too much. And I give people the hope that they expect to get from me musically.”

For more information on WG Design Lab, visit www.wgdesignlab.com.