don lemon & tavis smiley

*Earlier this week Tavis Smiley found himself on CNN being interviewed by Don Lemon about President Obama (scroll down to watch).

Obviously giving Tavis a platform to maul Obama as he always does would not be a suprise to us, but it seemed to be for Lemon. Or at least he tried to make it seem that way.   In any event it made for interesting TV. It was like watching a cat fight.

Here’s Dr. Boyce Watkins to break it down.

The funniest thing about watching Tavis Smiley and Don Lemon fight it out on TV is that Tavis seems to dislike President Obama no matter what he says or does.  Poor Tavis blew his cover back in 2008, when he refused to get over the fact that Obama didn’t have the time to personally attend his State of the Black Union event.   The cost that Tavis has paid is that his credibility has been diminished, even though his message is one that deserves our attention.

Don Lemon has, for the most part, come off as a man who loves himself more than he loves anyone else.  He uses his role at CNN to defend his friends and push his agenda, which hardly makes him a match for the other anchors that the network typically hires.  So, watching Don and Tavis debate important issues in the black community is like a sick man eating chicken soup mixed with roach spray and urine:  No matter how healthy the meal might be, it is so tainted with toxins that almost no one is going to want to eat it.

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