Dwayne Johnson san+andreas trailer*Dwayne Johnson is used to being in the middle of tough situations on the big screen, but he may have his toughest yet in the first official trailer for the film “San Andreas.”

The entertainer stars in the upcoming feature as Ray, a helicopter rescue pilot caught in the middle of an epic natural disaster as the film shows what would happen if the San Andreas fault line in California split apart.

“Everybody down!,” Johnson’s character yells as the earth shakes and ground crumbles.

In addition to Johnson, the “San Andreas” trailer features Paul Giamatti as an earthquake specialist, who urges people to leave California amid all the chaos.

“I cannot emphasize this enough. You need to get out,” the Oscar nominee says as he makes note of how much of a threat the movie’s earthquake is. “Because even though this is happening here in California, you will feel it on the east coast.”

“San Andreas” is scheduled for a May 2015 relases. To see the film’s trailer, check out the video below: