kevin hart & josh gad (the wedding ringer)

Kevin Hart & Josh Gad

*Wedding bells usually start ringing in June, but instead mark your calendars for January 16, 2015 since that’s when funnyman Kevin Harts buddy comedy, “The Wedding Ringer,” hits theaters.   It stars Hart opposite Josh Gad, who now famously voiced the lovable Snowman in the blockbuster Disney hit “Frozen.”

“The Wedding Ringer” follows what happens when an unpopular groom-to-be (Gad) turns to a “best-man-for-hire” (Hart), to help him impress his future wife, played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (The Big Bang Theory) and in-laws.   High jinks ensue.

During a set visit by EUR associate, Crystal Shaw King, Hart broke down his character and where the film takes you.

“Jimmy is a guy who has a business where I provide those with no friends.  You have a certain type of person who’s somewhat of a loner.  And the biggest fear of being a loner is getting married and having a wedding and your wife presenting this huge plethora of people and as a husband, you have two people on your side and none of those people can tell you anything about your life.  So to prevent that, I provide a best man service where I learn what I need to know about you and make you look like one of the best guys that ever walked the face of this earth, and I get paid to do it.  I’m very good at it.  I’m a man of many personalities and many faces, but to contradict what I do I don’t have a life myself.  I’ve done so much for other people, and provide for other people and pretend, I don’t have anybody doing the same for me on an emotional level.  So it’s actually a really funny movie with a great emotional back story to it too.  It’s a different character for me though. “

It may be a different character than we’ve seen Kevin play, but it wasn’t hard for him to step into the role of Jimmy .  He has actually taken on the role in his real life in some form or another.

“I can see myself doing this.  Not in a bad way to where I’m ripping people off, but sometimes it’s worth taking the hit to give somebody a boost in spirits …  Sometimes it’s worth taking a step aside and I’ve done it with my friends, I’ve done it for family members,” said Hart.  “It’s worth just taking a seat on the backburner and making another person feel good or giving them the presentation of something else.”

The paring of Kevin Hart and Josh Gad may be unexpected but Kevin told us that he thought Gad was the perfect person for this film.

“The beautiful thing about Josh Gad is he made it real. I believe that Josh is a guy that, it’s not about him not having friends, he never thought that he had to.  I believe that he got a women that he thought that he couldn’t get, and he believed that he loved her just because he thought he couldn’t get her and he got her.  I believe that he would throw the money that he threw away because he thinks that it’s going to make him look great, and making him look great can justify her love back for him.”

Essence Magazine compared the comedic duo of Kevin Hart and Josh Gad to the comedic ‘genius-ness’ of the legendary pairing of Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder.  You can bet Kevin had some opinions about that.

“That’s too good of a comparison.  The reason why you can say those guy’s names is because they’ve done so much.  Richard Pryor is a legend.  The man is on a pedestal.  Gene Wilder is a legend.  You’re looking at two guys who have done so much for the realm of comedy.  You can’t compare anything to those guys.  What me and Josh are is a fresh tandem.  We’re something that’s different.  We’re something that’s new and right now comedy craves that …  But we’re no Pryor or Wilder.  I don’t want that pressure.”

See for yourself when “The Wedding Ringer” hits theaters January 16.

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(EUR Exclusive: Set Visit to Kevin Hart’s ‘The Wedding Ringer’)