*Fabolous made himself clear. While much of the world loves Christmas and gives some holiday cheer, he, on the other hand, hates Christmas!

He teamed up with “Funny or Die” and expressed his hatred in a hilarious rap skit — “I Don’t F**** with Christmas.”

“Tis the season to keep it real, and tell these motherf—ers how you feel / Put your f—in’ hands in the air / If you like me and hate this time of year,” he rapped.

He added, “let me catch Santa creeping through my mama house, eating cookies and milk and farting on the couch / I’m gonna kick his ass and tell him give me all the goods / How the f— you get in here? Ain’t no chimneys in the hood.”

He delivered the entire song with a straight a face — not cracking for a moment due to the skit’s hilarious lyrics. This includes when he said, “Hey, you old fat man in the sleigh, how the f— you make it ’round the world in a day?”

Watch the video below: